I worked with Gatto Design to produce a series of 3D renderings that showcase packaging & label concepts for Quintessa wines. I was responsible for strategizing & executing 3D proofs for use in presenting to the client.

3D / Design

Concept 1: Showcase
Once the brand seal is cut, the lid can be pulled out and be rested in grooves etched into the rear of the case. This creates an open presentation for the bottles, allowing the box to serve as a dynamic frame for the wine that can be placed in any location.

Concept 2: Cool Grey
This approach takes a more modern look, utilizing minimal black embossing set on a thick, cool grey cardstock. The cooler tones contrast with the bottle, bringing emphasis to the brand label. A simple leather strap allows for easy access, giving the option to present the box either open or closed.

Concept 3: Chest
In all designs, the box is meant to stand strong and present the bottles. This concept takes a bold stance and uses an elevated case to create a dramatic appearance. An elegant latch embossed with the brand’s monogram keeps the entire box securely shut. Latches in the back are fixed at an angle to keep the box open in presentation format.